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How To Write The Perfect Email to Ensure You Get Your Work Published


Writing emails isn’t hard. You type it up, click send, and within seconds the person you want to get in touch with has received it. It’s efficient, easy to use and effective. E-mail totally revolutionised the way people work globally. It’s made business easier, allowed small businesses like Atlas to flourish, and photographers like you to quickly get their work out there.

Everyone knows the basics of an email. You greet the person you’re addressing at the start, write the bulk of your message in the middle, and finish with your name. Easy right? Well, depending on what you’re doing, it isn’t. Sending the wrong email can well and truly be the make or break when getting an editorial published!

At Atlas, we receive hundreds of emails a week. And you know what that means? It means we read hundreds of emails a week. And we hate to say it, but most of the time how someone structures their email will have a huge impact on how we respond to the work, pitch or whether we’ll go ahead with the images.

So here are a few simple guidelines to follow when writing emails to magazine’s that you’re hoping to get published by!


  1. Know the name of the editor or person you’re writing to. It makes such a difference and shows you’ve done your research behind the magazine.
  2. Get the name of the magazine right. You’d be surprised by how many times we’ve received emails addressed to other publications. We know you might blanket email editorials out to various places, but make sure you’re changing the publication name every time. It’s a sure fast way to get your email deleted without us even looking at your work!2
  3. Keep it short. As we said above, we sadly don’t have as much time to read your emails as we would like. We love that photographers take the time to write about who they are, what the story behind the shoot is, and why you love the publication. If the email is more than a few sentences though, we simply won’t read it. We might still look at your work, but we won’t necessarily read it all. Save yourself some time and keep your emails short, and to the point.3
  4. Don’t attach huge files. Seem’s obvious, but if you attach huge files to an initial email, the likelihood of anyone downloading them is slim. In fact, don’t attach files that need downloading at all if you’re reaching out to a publication for the first time. Attach a PDF which can be viewed directly in a browser, or images straight into the email. Editors will love you, we promise!4
  5. But don’t forget to attach something! Make sure before you press send that your email actually contains the images you want to share with the editor.
  6. This seems really obvious, but please at least write something! We get so many emails from people which are blank and contain just images… and that’s just plain rude. As we said above, keep it short and do the point, but at least say hello!

We hope these few tips will help you to get further in your creative careers. Let us know in the comments what other things you’d like advice on!

The images in this post are all by Marta McAdams, and you can see the original editorial here. We highly recommend you check her work out, she’s incredible!