10 Questions with Tina Picard | Fashion Photographer

Blouset – Mama loves you vintage Pantst – Comrags Beltt – Hide, Susana Erazo Glovest – Hide, Susana Erazo White shirtt – H&M Neck piecet – EnvyRoom Hat – The Future of Frances Watson, Claudia Schulz

Tell us about yourself and where you’re from!

I am a Toronto based fashion and portrait photography, originally from Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada.
How did you get into photography?
I always had a camera in my hands while growing up, shooting everything as a hobby from landscapes, to fine art, to portraits, but it’s when I met a fashion photographer and started assisting him that I fell in love with fashion photography. It became my passion, so I concentrated only on fashion and portrait in the years to follow.
Shoes – Fluevog Hat – The Future of Frances Watson, Brixton Dress – EnvyRoom Tulle skirt – Narces Shirt – H&M Scarf – Hide, Susana Erazo
What is the story behind this photoshoot? 
For this editorial, me and my team wanted to create victorian era inspired but with a more actual, contemporary twist.
What does taking photos mean to you?
Photography is a way of expressing myself as an artist.
Woollen hat – Hide, Susana Erazo Neck piece – EnvyRoom Vest – Stylist Box, Hilary MacMillan Shirt – H&M Belt – Topshop Laced top – Naked Bodyz Glove – Hide, Susana Erazo Bodysuit – H&M Tulle cape worn as a skirt – EnvyRoom Shoes – Fluevog

Why did you choose to become a photographer, above all else?
I never planned on becoming a photographer (as a child I always wanted to be a writer) so it just happened that my passion for photography grew more and more.
Shoes – Fluevog Dress – EnvyRoom Short pants – Stylist Box, Hilary MacMillan Crown – Hide, Zoran Dobric Penguin suit jacket – Stylist Box, Huntington Neck piece – EnvyRoom

Who or what is your main inspiration?
I get inspired by a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s from a place, sometimes it’s from an artist’s work or films. Sometimes I get an specific idea in mind based on what I am feeling or going through at that moment. 
Beige dress – Mama loves you vintage Long black skirt – Stylist Box, Christopher Paunil Dress with golden buttons worn as a skirt – Mama loves you vintage, YSL Hoodie on one shoulder – EnvyRoom Shirt around waist – The Future of Frances Watson, United Belt – Hide, Susana Erazo

If you could do a photoshoot anywhere in the world, where would it be?
So many places!! But If I had to choose one, I would love to do a fashion shoot in the mountains, like the Alps or the Rockies.
Dress – Narces Long shirt – Stylist Box, Code Vitesse Ears – H&M Shoes – Fluevog Coat – Ben Sherman Ribbon around neck – Mokuba
What gear do you use? 
I shoot mostly with a medium format Mamiya 645 w Aptus II digital back, or sometimes with a Nikon D800. 
Who are your favourite photographers right now?
So many! To name a few : Kesler Tran, Greg Swales, Ace Amir
Dress – Narces Short shirt – Stylist Box, Code Vitesse Hat – The Future of Frances Watson, Albertus Swanepoes Jacket – Zara
Where will you be in 10 years time?
I don’t know for sure, but if not still in photography, I might be writing. 🙂
Stylist : Lea Krpan
Makeup Artist : Irene Sy
Hair Stylist : Matthew Lill @ P1M
Model : Brianna @ Plutino Models

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