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All things Autumn with Scott W Mason

Illustration by Scott MasonScott W Mason is a freelance fashion illustrator and photographer, and recent Falmouth University graduate. We were enchanted by his LFW sketches and knew we had to get him to create an Autumnal themed piece for us. We also took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Autumn. So if you too want to indulge in all of the Autumnal-loving goodness, then read on.

Do you prefer Autumn or Winter?
I’m still not entirely sure when they both start or end are to be honest! My favourite time is between Halloween and Christmas… so whenever that falls.

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
The knitwear, cold air, hot drinks and the leaves! I’m a sucker for nonchalantly kicking the falling leaves and pretending I’m in my own little rom com walking the streets of London.

What is your favourite thing about Winter?
Christmas, I bloody love Christmas. What’s not to love? You have the music, the food, and the fairy lights. Mind you that’s only until January. Winter from January onwards is depressing. It loses it’s magic and the next thing you’ve got to look forward to is Valentine’s Day, which doesn’t work when you’re single. Cry *insert broken heart emoji here.*

What is your favourite activity to do in this during the Autumn season?
I like to experience all of the cliché’s at once; it’s just better that way! I will do my Christmas shopping with the music playing, the lights up and a hot drink in hand. However I find that the thought of it is always nicer than the actual experience. It will most likely just end up being me hating the queue’s and the queue jumpers, the excessively overpriced drinks, and Mariah Carey’s falsetto tones… it’s the happiest time of the year, right?!

Do you have a favourite seasonal item of clothing?
Knitted jumpers! Every year I’ve wanted to purchase and wear a garish Christmas jumper but I’ve always chickened out. So this year I’m going to go for it, the more garish cringey one the better. If it sings and sparkles, I’ll be buying it.

What are you doing for Halloween this year?
Seeing as I’m too old to knock on doors and ask strangers for sweets and get away with it, all that leaves is drinking. I need to think of a good costume. A few years ago I was the house from UP with Nigel Thornberry hanging on… I need to outdo that costume then go out and dance the costume away, and carve some pumpkins… before the drinks are consumed, obviously.

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