The Wood Nymph by Polly Hanrahan

Polly Hanrahan is a London based fashion photography graduate from Brighton. She described this shoot as being inspired by women in folklore: mermaids, witches and wood nymphs. See more of her work here. 

Polly HanrahanDress: Shao Yen

Polly HanrahanTop: Apujan

Polly HanrahanDress: Shao Yen

Polly HanrahanBody Jewellery: Iona Ldn

Polly HanrahanTop: Sabinna

Polly HanrahanTop: Apujan
Trousers: Sparkle and Fade

Polly HanrahanDress: Jule Waibel

Polly HanrahanDress: Gayeon Lee

Photographer: Polly Hanrahan, Instagram, Twitter
Photography Assistant: Grace Langley
Stylist: Eleanor Fell
Fashion Assistant: Djamila Afonso
Make up Artist: Lillie Russo
Hair Stylist: Miho Emori

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