Mini Atlas: The Azure Issue

After so much anticipation, we are so excited to bring you the latest issue of Mini Atlas: The Azure Issue! I feel like we say it every time, but the amount of beautiful work we received when putting this issue together was outstanding. You guys are really trying to make our lives harder and harder every time we put an issue together!

This issue is probably the most cohesive we’ve created, and we love that about it. Due to the nature of the theme being quite specific, the work we were looking for was also quite specific. It was a risk we took, and something we’d never done before, but we definitely think it’s worked out incredibly well.

The Azure Issue also saw us commissioning our own shoot for the first time. Up until now, we’ve always been 100% submission based. But in an aim to broaden our horizons, we teamed up with our longtime friend and one of our favourite photographers, Saskia Lawson, to create “Blue Hue.” It was a chance for Olivia to get a very specific idea of a shoot she envisioned in the magazine, and actually see it happen. We think that you’ll agree with us that the results are fantastic, and we’re so excited to continue producing our own shoots in future.

Our feature interview for Mini Atlas this issue is with Oleg Oprisco, the fine art photographer. We’ve admired and shared his work many times before, and we couldn’t have been more excited when he agreed to chat to us about his work. If you haven’t already, we insist that you read this interview. He must be one of the most inspiring people we’ve ever spoken to. His sheer devotion to his work is beautiful, and even if you aren’t a photographer, we recommend you read this. Any creative person can learn something from him!

Our cover is shot by the talented Matthew Burditt.

We really hope you love this issue as much as we do. Feel free to share it far and wide, clip images to your pinboards, tweet quotes from your articles, and let us know what you think!

If you want to be a part of our next issue, submissions for The Adventure Issue are now open! Read our full submission guidelines, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post… we’ve got a big inspirational moodboard coming your way!

Thank you to everyone involved in making this issue possible. We love you all!

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