Atlas Magazine - Submissions Based Fashion Magazine REVIEW / LOMOGRAPHY SMARTPHONE FILM SCANNER 4


More and more 35mm film submissions have been making their way into our inbox, so we’ve been thinking a lot about the comeback of film photography. Our friends over at Photojojo sent over their Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner for us to try because, well, who doesn’t love 35mm?

If you’re looking for a way to easily grab your photos for Instagram + social media, or just for reviewing negatives, this is the perfect solution. It works with iPhone and Android phones, and works with the free LomoScanner app.

iPhone in the Scanner Clamps

With a super simple setup, it comes with different stacking tiers so you can choose how close or far away you want your phone to be from the scanner. Rather than working as an actual “scanner”, it pairs with LomoScanner to use your phone’s camera to photograph the negative over a light box. When you insert the film and turn on the Scanner, your can then position your phone in the padded clamps and align it with the film. You definitely want to do this on a flat surface to ensure your phone stays put!

In the app itself, you can choose if you want to work with regular 35mm, panoramic, or lomokino film. We played around with some 35mm to try it out. Once you’re in the app, you’re able to select which type of film (negative, black & white, slide, xpro, reds) and can adjust the colors and contrast from there–– saves you a lot of time and Instagram filters.

Our favorite ‘scans’ were from the black & white film (and not just because it had a dog on it). We left the borders on the scans, but they’re also an easy crop to remove. With the iPhone 6s, we found that being on the first tier, closest to the film with no borders showing, was too close up for the phone itself to focus on the image. However at the second tier the image will focus with sharpness, and you can choose whether or not you want film borders on it.

The app is super easy to use and the scanner is easy to put together; what more could one ask for to be able to easily transfer photos from film to phone? Use it to review photos and make selects to save time high-res scanning, or to Instagram that perfect shot for the ‘Gram without all the hassle. Head over to Photojojo to find the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and an array of super cool film-friendly products.

Final Scan Result / Photo by Kenneth Sterling