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5 Tips for Living with Less

How do I live with less?

In cluttered homes and busy lives, it can be difficult to keep track of your current possessions or maintain an organized lifestyle. Today we’re talking about the easiest ways to start working towards a more minimalist lifestyle, with 5 simple tips to start living with less. Here’s our minimalist living guide:

Photography / Jasmine Chew @jasminebrunner / Model / Mina Cyprichova @mina_cyprichova


Reevaluate What Is Essential to You

The hard truth is: we don’t need most of the material objects which we hold in our possession. As much as we love to have and acquire new things, we always have the capacity to live with fewer items and to narrow our homes to the essentials. Reevaluate what is essential to you–does it serve a purpose? Does it give you purpose? If you haven’t touched it in the past few months, it’s likely safe to throw away, donate, or remove from your home.

Try to Detach Yourself from Material Items

Objects are just objects, and although the gift that you never ended up using might have held sentimental value, it’s helpful to detach from objects that may be taking up space or do not have any practical use. Try to separate sentimental or emotional meaning from items you may be hoarding; ask yourself, does this object truly bring you joy, or are you more enticed by the idea of possessing it?

Reduce in a Sustainable Way

A great way to live with fewer items is to reduce your possessions in a sustainable or environmentally friendly way. Instead of throwing out or discarding old items, selling old clothing on second hand online stores such as Depop, Poshmark, or ThredUp are easy ways to give your old items a new home. If you’re not looking to sell, try your local Goodwill, thrift store, or second hand boutique that will gladly accept donations.

Think Carefully Before You Buy

One of the most important steps for living with less is developing a habit to think consciously about what you are consuming or buying, taking more time to make a decision about a purchase. Although it’s tempting to purchase new items, replace old ones, or spend on a whim, careful consideration of your purchases will help to maintain a more organized space with higher quality possessions rather than higher quantity of items (and an added bonus: it’ll probably save your wallet too!)

Gratitude is Key

When all else fails, try and remember that gratitude is an integral part of appreciating your home. Working towards a less cluttered or more minimalist lifestyle will always take time, but can greatly help you to appreciate what you have rather than worrying about what you don’t. Be grateful for what you possess, and remember that every day is a new opportunity to start anew.