Get To Know Kyle John | Fashion Photographer

1) Give us some background info: Where are you from? 
I was born and raised in Chicago. 


2) When did photography first become of interest to you?
My father taught me at a young age. As far back as I can remember, i’ve always had a camera around my neck. He was taught by his father, so it’s pretty cool in that regard. Looking forward to some day teaching my son as well. 
3) You describe yourself a fine art film photographer. Why film? And why fine art?
I believe that the term “Fine Art” translates into various forms and mediums. Fine Art for me is tied directly to my love of film. Not only do it’s inherent qualities far surpass any digital medium, but in addition it allows you to sit back and survey every element in making a good image. Film is 100% cerebral……which is why I love it. 
4) What inspires you the most?
My family. 
5) What kind of imagery do you love to capture?
Honestly…anything. Editorial, lifestyle and weddings take up the bulk of my shooting, but i’ve recently jumped into the world of food photography which is an exciting beast unto itself. 
6) How does your wedding photography differ to your lifestyle and editorial photography?
My aim is to ensure my work has a certain minimal aesthetic, whether shooting an on-location wedding session or an in-studio editorial. 
7) Who are your favorite photographers?
Ansel Adams has always been an all-time favorite, but as of recent i’ve been loving the food photography of Ditte Isager. 
8) What’s your favorite photo that you’ve ever taken?
This a hard one. Definitely don’t have a single favorite. I recently traveled to Iceland over two weeks and shot a multitude of favorites. That place is pure magic. 
9) If you could only shoot with one camera and lens for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Easy. Contax 645 with the Zeiss 80mm, f/2. 
10) What film do you like to use?
120. Kodak Portra 400. 
11) What advice would you give to a digital photographer who is looking to use more film?
Shoot, experiment, repeat. Don’t focus on your equipment or what others in the industry are doing. 
12) Do you ever shoot digital yourself? 
I do. Mostly though when clients require instant turnaround. 
13) Where can our readers keep up to date with you and your work?
Instagram : @kylejohnphoto
Would love to talk film, photography and answer any questions!