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Atlas spoke to artist and jewellery designer Petra Arbetova who crafts beautiful, minimal pieces in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. Inspired by architecture and design, we are in awe of her contemporary, one-off pieces that come in beautiful gold-tones and stunning geometrical shapes. We had a chat with Petra to find out how a passion for jewellery design that emerged at a young age, would later translate into the thriving studio Bepart is today.
Words by Jessica-Christin Hametner.

A: Tell us about yourself and where you’re from
P: Hello there! My name is Petra and I am the founder and owner of a small jewellery studio called Bepart. I was born and raised in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe. I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and also studied in Finland, as well as having completed an internship in London, which changed my view on life.

A:Have you always been creative?
P: Yes, I have been for as long as I can rememberI loved making things as a child. When I was 5 years old, I started to attend our local art school. I did not play with dolls like other little girls, but was drawing, cutting paper or beading all the time instead.

A: What made you want to pursue a career within jewellery design?
P: I started originally making pieces for myself when one of my friends brought back a pair of earrings from holiday and I really wanted them! So I glued beads on a metal base, which I found in our basement in my father’s mess. After that it was literally a natural process. When I completed my studies in Finland I decided to chase my goal – I thought it would be great to make a living from my passion. I founded the label, gradually set up the studio and started to work on the collections.

A: What is the inspiration behind your brand name ‘Bepart’?
P: The hardest part of founding the label was to name it. My friend came up with this idea. In the middle are my initials and the word ends with art. It makes me happy that someone likes to be a part of my brand.

A: Tell us about your design style – how is it unique to others?
P: I would say it is simple and minimal with some unique details. Almost every single piece has its own idea behind the form. 

A: Who do you envision wearing your pieces?
P: Independent women who love minimal design and want to feel comfortable in wearing everyday pieces of jewellery. 

A: As a designer, where do you find your inspiration?
P: I usually build up the collection step by step. Most of my pieces I start from scratch as a sketch. Some designs come from different items or previous collections. When I am drawing, ideas flood my mind. Sometimes the idea hits me and I need to find a piece of paper and draw it down. The items get their final forms after playing with material. It is necessary to envision the design in 3D life.

A: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
P: Everyday life and I like to look towards architecture and design in general. I play with and translate geometrical shapes and simple lines into my jewellery. Oh, and I love to be inspired by Pinterest too and other jewellery studios.

A: What is your favourite piece you’ve ever created?
P: I love all of them. If I have to pick up one piece then it will be Aston earrings.

A: Do you have any tips or advice for young aspiring designers?
P: Do not fear and start what you want to do. It will be hard sometimes, but never give up, keep going, and it will all be worth it. It sounds like a cliché, but I mean it.

A: Where can our readers keep up to date with you and your work?
I try to keep my fans updated via my social media: Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

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Photographer / Patricia Kvasnovska
Stylist / Nina Ford
HMUA / Martina Petakova
Model / Petra C. @ Exit Model Management