We did a quick Q-and-A with Vega Hernando, creator of Eating Patterns on her process and inspirations for the well designed culinary curation. Take a peek into Vega’s world.

A: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
V: I was born in Barcelona in 1990 and I’m a textile designer, amateur cook and creative in my everyday life. I have always been involved with art and design so I decided to study fashion at the university. Nevertheless I think design is a way of thinking, that’s why I’ve always been interested in any type of creativity and not just in fashion. After my studies I started focusing my career on textile print design, the most fun and colorful part of fashion, at least for me.

A: How did you get started with Eating Patterns?
V: After working for different companies as a print designer, I decided to have my own studio, working as a freelancer, and I realized that I could find time to do things “out of duties”. It was at that time when I started Eating Patterns, just as a personal project in which I combine the two things I love the most: pattern design and cooking. It’s my own way of sharing the recipes that I normally cook for my people and also my cooking style in a very visual way that represents my personality as a designer. 

A: What inspires you to create your designs? What makes you choose the foods that you photograph?
V: Oddly enough where I have to dedicate more time is on searching recipes. I try to use seasonal products or uncommon ingredients, and sometimes I have to think well the recipe and the way to cook it. Then I just prepare the compositions intuitively, using colors that look good and trying to have a nice and attractive end result. 

A: Who are some of your favorite artists or influences?
V: I’m usually attracted to artists who use color in a meaningful way like Matisse or Miró. I also like the shapes, colors and textures of the works of the Memphis movement from the 80s and the pop culture. As usual I think I like the design that transmits some humor and liveliness.

A: How do you use your creativity in other parts of your life?
V: I think design or creativity as a way of seeing things, which cloth you use, how you decore your home or how you cook your dishes. I am also fortunate to have a varied and quite creative work, I design patterns for different clients, I work as a trend analyst, and I collaborate with projects related to food and design as a creative director and creating content for brands.

A: Do you have any goals for the future?
V: Eating Patterns allowed me to work with different projects, not only textile, and I would love to continue on that way putting together fashion and food. I am also working on an idea of corporate catering for events, and maybe someday I would like to make kitchenware with the patterns.

A: What advice would you have for young aspiring designers?
V: I think it’s good to do things on your own, your daydreams, apart of your work or what makes you earn money. Now it’s easier with Instagram and social media to reach people and to share your projects. If you do something good and authentic sooner or later it can become part of your job. 

Head to Instagram to see more of Vega’s edible masterpieces.