Instagram Spotlight |Five Accounts to Get Inspired for Winter

Winter has crept up on us; all of a sudden there are festive references everywhere and we’re having to pull on extra layers when we step outside. It’s all too easy to resign yourself to feeling miserable at this time of year, especially when your Instagram feed is filling up with sun-soaked beach escapades from your favourite followings in the southern hemisphere. We’ve pulled together a list of inspiring Instagrammers who make us excited about winter, whether they’re exploring in the snow, layering up in style or demonstrating how to DIY holiday decorations. Here are five Instagram accounts that you need to follow to make you feel positive about winter.

littlegreenshed instagram - Article by Emma Lavelle for Atlas Magazine


Whether she’s organising her Sisterhood suppers, inspiring us to share our snaps of #natureinthehome or showcasing her beautifully rustic life, Lou’s feed is ideal for those of us that like to slow things down in winter. Take a peek now to discover inventive advent calendar inspiration, simplistic gift wrapping and homemade wreathes that will make you realise that the holiday season isn’t all about commercialism.


Article by Emma Lavelle for Atlas Magazine  @cannellevanille

Aran’s account may predominantly focus on exquisitely presented food, but it’s her recent wintery snaps that have us anticipating the first snow of the season. Winter is about enjoying the simple things in life, such as walks through the forest in the snow, preparing lovingly crafted meals for friends and family, and spending time relaxing by the fire with your family. Aran’s feed perfectly encapsulates this slow living lifestyle.


Article by Emma Lavelle for Atlas Magazine  @leevosburgh

Do you struggle to get dressed in the morning once the winter chill sets in? We love Lee’s feed for inspiring our winter wardrobes, and for sharing all of the little pick-me-up’s that help to make dull days a bit brighter. Her flatlays and outfit posts are perfect for those mornings when you’re struggling to look stylish in the snow, proving that simplicity always prevails. Every time we pop by her feed, we find ourselves adding more and more items to our wish list, as she curates the most covetable collection of accessories and beauty products.


Article by Emma Lavelle for Atlas Magazine  @northernheart

The Scandinavians do winter well, and this anonymous account allows you an insight into a cosy Nordic life. From steaming cups of coffee to cosy blankets and DIY holiday decorations, everything is executed in a beautifully simplistic aesthetic. The concept of hygge may be a Danish tradition, but the feeling of creating a cosy nest filled with warmth and joy is perfectly conveyed through this Norwegian account.


 Article by Emma Lavelle for Atlas Magazine


From snow-covered pine forests to immaculate gift wrapping and cosy festive interiors, Mandi’s account has it all! A photographer by trade and adventurer at heart, Mandi perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the festive season. Through super stylish decorations, minimalist gifts wrapping and cosy interiors, she demonstrates how to prepare your home for the holidays, whilst also conveying a sense of wanderlust with her photos of wintery walks and gathering wood for the fire.

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