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How to Grow Your Instagram Following

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How to grow your Instagram following is one of the hottest topics to date. Everyone wants that Insta fame and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. There are some overnight success stories and others are a slow and steady work in progress. Either way, with the right strategies you too could grow your Instagram following in as little as one month.
1. Get featured with hashtags
The #1 best way to grow your Instagram following is to be consistently featured on a larger Insta platform. We recently launched a hashtag which allows you to share your work with us! Use #inspireatlas and even if you’re featured just once, you’ll get new followers. The best way to get noticed is to hashtag the crap out of your picture at least three times a week. Use these hashtags to start, #chictopia, #ootd, #ootdwatch, #lookbook, #whatiwore, #fblogger.
2. Comment & like similar pictures
After you hashtag your own photos, it’s time to search those hashtags and comment on similar pictures. If you comment on the same people’s pictures often enough, they’ll return the favor, creating more engagement and viewability on your feed. Plus, their followers will see your comments and if your main picture and Insta name is enticing enough, their followers will become your followers, too.
3. Stick to a theme
With all successful Instagrams come a theme. This theme entails the same filters, style, and usually colors that results in an aesthetically beautiful feed. With more and more demand for visual storytelling, your Instagram feed should have a consistent, well planned theme that ties your story together.
4. Post during high engagement hours
Think about when you’re on Instagram. Most people go on right when they wake up, during their lunch break, on the commute home, and right before bed. If you really want to grow your Instagram following, stick to posting during these times and you’ll gain hundreds in no time.
How do you increase your followers? Tell us in the comments below!
Written by Brittany Grace. Brittany is a digital influencer, blog consultant, and stylist at Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (notanothrblonde) for her sometimes stylish, always ridiculous adventures in the big city.
How To Grow Your Instagram Following - Atlas Magazine
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