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Getting To Know: Guoman Liao

Guoman Liao

Tell us about your background, where you’re from.

I am from a small town in China and currently based in Vancouver B.C Canada.
When did you being taking photographs?
I started taking photographs when I was studying at University in 2011. I initially went out into the streets taking portraits and later developed the interest for fashion photography.
What sparked your interest in photography?
The process of creativity. Particularly in fashion photography.
Where do you get your inspiration?
Medieval paintings, sculptures, and vintage films.
Tell us about these images; what are they about?
These were a collaboration with a local designer, YuSyuan Mao. We were inspired by one of the most elegant dresses made by Charles-Frederick Worth.
You have a very distinctive style, how did you come about that?
I am interested in photographs that are surreal but I am also interested in blurring the line between dreams and reality when creating images. I have to admit that I am also heavily influenced by photographers such as Deborah Turbeville and Erwin Blumenfeld.
These images are quite dark; is there a reason for that?
I am not sure if there is a reason for that. I guess I am not capable of taking bright beautiful images.
We have to disagree… These images may not be very bright, but they certainly are beautiful! Follow Guoman’s work here.


Guoman Liao Guoman Liao


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