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Get To Know Cortana | Fashion Designer

Get To Know Cortana | Fashion Designer

Rosa Esteva loves women. Her love for women was so strong, she has always been drawn to creating clothing for them. Cortana is the result of that love. We’ve always been drawn to gorgeous design, but most of all to passion for design. Get to know Rosa, and her Cortana, and discover the story behind the brand.

Please tell us about the background behind Cortana!

Cortana was created back in 2001, with our first store opening in Mallorca, where I was born . I’ve always wanted to create abrand for women that seek excellence and quality, reflecting my Mediterranean roots and my personal values: austerity, tradition and innate elegance.

Have you always been passionate about fashion? 

I was born and raised in a small town on the island of Mallorca and creativity has always been a part of my life. From a young age, I felt strongly bonded with art and nature, as well as highly interested in architecture and contemporary dance. All these elements came together throughout the years and slowly created Cortana.

Get To Know Cortana | Fashion Designer

What steps did you take in order to become a fashion designer?

My first steps in the world of fashion design were inspired by a Sari and understanding how an 8 meter long silk dress can be transformed. It’s ability to mould your body and your inner self amazed me.

What does Cortana stand for? 

We love to care for women through fashion. We believe in a connection between women and their personal style and how she presents herself to the world.We create clothes that do not overshadow personalities, but accompany women, as the most important factor is the woman inside.

I believe in “therapeutic-fashion” focusing or deconstructing pleats or seams in specific areas which enhance both the interior and exterior of the feminine silhouette. Care in the design that subtly outlines the female figure, gives place to a garment. All our clothes are made with lots of care and exceptional materials, such as pure silks and cotton, sourced from the finest Italian and French textile firms. One source of inspiration are my watercolour paints, which I have previously used to create prints for my garments. We also produce locally, in small ateliers in Barcelona as we love craftsmanship and attention to detail. But most importantly: We love women and we aspire to  make them dream, enhancing their natural and unique beauty.

Get To Know Cortana | Fashion Designer

What inspires you the most?

Honestly, everything. Wherever I look, I find something that can inspire me. Mostly nature, art, contemporary dance and above all women. These all come together to form the core of Cortana’s identity.

And as I said earlier: The most important thing in a dress is the woman who wears it, because we love women.

What is your favourite piece from your current collection?

The Monodosis jumpsuit  from our winter collection. It’s one of our many transformable garments, I like making pieces of clothing every woman can wear in their own way according to their mood or personality.

Get To Know Cortana | Fashion Designer

Where do you see the brand going?

Our next goal is to grow and expand to International markets. We currently sell internationally through our eshop and also a selection of boutiques in Europe, the US and Japan.

Where can our readers stay up to date with Cortana?

Our Instagram account @cortana.inside is the most intimate way to follow our brand, as I update it personally, and if not our website is always updated with our latest collections.

Get To Know Cortana | Fashion Designer