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Best Videos of Fashion Photographers At Work

Angelo Formatto for Atlas Magazine
Angelo Formatto for The Adrenaline Issue of Atlas Magazine

We love to educate ourselves, and one of the best ways to learn more about how other photographers create such incredible images is to actually watch them do their job. We’ve done the searching for you and assembled some of our favourite videos of some of our favourite photographers at work!

Annie Leibovitz Behind The Scenes With Moncler

It doesn’t get any more epic that Annie Leibovitz, especially when she’s in Iceland. Watch Annie and her team climb glaciers just to get the perfect shot.

Patrick Demarchelier Behind The Scenes With Emma Watson

Patrick Demarchelier is the king of the studio. One of our long time favourites, and someone we’ve admired since before we can remember, watching him work is such a treat.

Paolo Roversi Shooting Haute Couture

Paolo Roversi has such an interesting, individual way of working that you can’t help but watch him work with such fascination!

Ellen Von Unwerth Photographs Coco Rocha 

I think one thing about Ellen Von Unwerth’s images is that they’re always high energy, so it’s not surprise to see that her set’s seem about as high energy as it gets. Coco Rocha is also an incredible model to watch pose!

Lara Jade 
A much younger photographer, but not someone to be ignored, it’s really interesting to see how Lara’s entire team come together to create this editorial.

Solve Sundsbo For Georgio Armani 

As much of a work of art as the images by Solve Sundsbo himself, this film is well worth watching even if just to feel inspired!

Hans Feurer Shooting in Sochi, Russia

Hans Feurer is know for his distinctive fashion images, most often shot on telephoto lenses. See him in action bellow.

Have you got any other behind the scenes videos that you could recommend us? We really are addicted to watching them, so share them with us in the comments bellow.

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