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Get To Know Ekaterina Okhotnikova | Fashion Designer


Ekaterina Okhotnikova is a fashion designer originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, currently living in Milan. After graduating from the Domus Academy, she got in touch to share her graduate collection with us. We loved it so much, we knew we needed to ask her a few questions.

When did you first realise you were a creative person?
I think, I realised it during my childhood and when I started classes in art school. First I studied painting and drawing, then during my final year I also studied fabric dying and weaving. I was very interested in it, and I think I was quite good at it!

When did fashion design first become of interest to you?
When I graduated from art school, I knew exactly what I wanted; I wanted to study fashion. So I did. It was very exciting time, I studied the history of fashion and design, and art history. During our drawing classes, we spent a lot of time analysing the movements of the human body, and that inspired me a lot.

How did you learn how to design clothes?
In school in Russia, I got strong foundation of knowledge on the methods of fashion design. But it wasn’t enough, so I followed my dream further and went to Italy. I did a Master degree in Milan, and it was the most memorable and fascinating journey into the world of fashion. I acquired a lot of inspiration, and most importantly I identified my personal style. It opened my eyes to myself and to my work.


What’s it like to be a fashion designer in 2016?
To be a fashion designer means to be decisive and responsible in the messages you express via your work.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?
Participating in Milano Moda Graduate show in Milan was the proudest moment in my career so far. It was a great honour to represent Domus Academy and to meet designers and many influential people of fashion world. It gave me so much inspiration and belief in myself as a designer.


Now for some favourites…Favourite of your own designs?
The favourite of my designs is an organza coat with four sleeves which was created from two military trench-coats. It was designed in collaboration with Liborio Cappizi (Diliborio). This art piece is a decisive point in the complete freedom of creation. It is made with a very complex pattern and consists more than 40 pieces of silk organza.

Favourite film:
Spirited Away (2001) by Hayao Miyazaki

Favourite band/singer:
I like classic music or jazz; anything that can take you go deeper into your iwn thoughts.

Favourite colour:
I prefer dark and pastel colours. I feel depth and reticence in this colour palette, especially in navy, black and grey colours.


Favourite food:
I have too many favourite cuisines, but recently Indian food become a revelation to me.

Favourite fashion designer/brand:
Yohji Yamamoto, he is a great master and philosopher. His authenticity is what has always inspired me.

Favourite magazine:
BOF Business of Fashion and Número


Favourite social media platform:
Pinterest or Instagram

Where do you get inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from my personal experiences, state of mind and art.

Where would you like to be in 10 years time?
I would like to be out of my comfort zone. I want to be where knowledge and inspiration are. I want to see world differently.

Where can our readers keep up with you and your work?