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Where to go to Hone Your Creative Skills Online

Image by Alice Gimmelli - Hone your Creative Skills Online - Atlas Magazine
Image by Alice Gimmelli
Two words: Creative Live.
I had never heard of until I was asked to write about it. It has since sparked my interest. Creative Live offers FREE, yes free, online classes geared toward bloggers, photographers, and other creatives alike.
The best part is you can buy a class and share it with a friend… free. You can dive into fashion photography, music production, launching a successful podcast, and branding your business. Creative Live is a curator’s goldmine.

Hone your Creative Skills Online at Creative Live - Atlas Magazine
February 22nd-27th marks the start of “Photoshop Week” where you’ll be able to watch a free live stream of some of the industry’s biggest photographer and retouchers working. What better way to hone your photoshop skills?
If you want to grow your business you need to invest in yourself. With the digital world changing at such a rapid pace, now is the time to research, observe, and implement new strategies, apps, and social media platforms that could turn your creative business into an automated money maker.
You need to stay ahead of the curve and make yourself more marketable. There definitely isn’t a shortage of ways to do that with a variety of classes to choose from at Creative Live. Check it out.
What’s one area of your creative business you wish to improve? Tell us in the comments below!
Written by Brittany Grace. Brittany is a digital influencer, blog consultant, and stylist at Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (notanothrblonde) for her sometimes stylish, always ridiculous adventures in the big city.
Where to go to Hone Your Creative Skills Online - Atlas Magazine


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