The Best Hashtags To Use On Instagram For Photographers

The Best Hashtags To Use On Instagram For Photographers

Instagram is THE social media platform to be on at the moment. With it’s millions of users, and it’s continued daily growth, it’s become a huge influence on the culture of today. We can’t lie, it’s also our favourite platform to use! We adore sharing the work you send us, browsing your portfolios, and getting inspired by what it is you do.

As a photographer, we definitely recommend getting involved in the community of Instagram. It’s a quick way to share your work with people, and potential clients, and to connect with other photographers. Whether you’re totally new to the platform, or are a frequent user of the app and have been for years, we’ll have a guess and say you’re always looking to grow your following. That’s where hashtag’s come in.

Hashtag’s are one of the quickest ways to make you images searchable. Now, we really DON’T recommend that you start #hashtagging #like #this #because #it’s #quite #annoying #isn’t #it. You get the jist. What we do recommend is that you use specific hashtags, relevant to your target market, and either only use a few in your main caption, or be really sneaky and post them as a comment bellow it! Staying specific with hashtags is also essential if you want to avoid those annoying spammy comments from weight loss adverts. No idea what we mean? Well bellow are a few of our favourite hashtags to use!

#visualsoflife: Created by @visualsoflife, this hashtag is for anything that’s really epic. From travel to landscapes, to action sports, this hashtag is for photographers who get adventurous. The guys over at @visualsoflife pick and choose their favourite images to share, and with their 179K followers, you betcha it’s a good account to get shared by!

#thatsdarling: Created by Darling Magazine, a fellow indie print publication that we really adore, this hashtag is really dedicated  to all things pretty. If you’re a photographer who loves all things feminine and dainty, this is the hashtag for you. The girls over at Darling also share images that they love, so this is a great tag to use.

#liveauthentic: Another magazine tag, this one is by Folk Magazine, and it’s based around all things outdoorsey. Do a shoot in a really awesome, rugged location? Use this hashtag!

#soloverly: More relevant to anyone who photographs weddings than anything else, but use this hashtag for anything girlie and pretty. We definitely see some of the more ethereal, magical editorials fitting this hashtag perfectly!

#ihavethisthingwithcolour: This one kind of speaks for itself… colour!

#justgoshoot: This hashtag doesn’t really have to have anything specific attached to it, other than the fact that it encourages photographers to just get out there and shoot! This hashtag is really widely used, so you’ll be guaranteed good exposure using this one.

#monoart_: Prefer to shoot in black and white? This hashtag is for you. An entire community of photographers share their monochromatic imagery via this hashtag.

#inspireatlas: We couldn’t write up a hashtag post without including our own, could we?! Yes, we’ve started our own, and there already almost 2000 images attached to this tag, and we’re so proud of that! Use our hashtag to allow us to find your images, and regularly share them on our Instagram account. So why not join in on the fun?

Like everything in life, you get what you give. So while it’s great to use hashtags, bare in mind that social media is just that… social! It’s all well and good just pressing “publish” on your posts, but it’s so important to interact with others. Did someone comment on your image? Great! Say thanks! Maybe check out their profile and like a few images of their own. You may even decide you’d like to follow them! Better yet, type one of the hashtags above into your search bar, and get interacting with the people from your community. People are far more likely to press the “follow” button if you’ve interacted with them.

We hope that these tips help you to continue to grow your Instagram accounts! Any questions? Ask away in the comment box below. 

The Best Hashtags To Use On Instagram For Photographers -

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