The Aura Issue & An Announcement


Dear Readers,

We’ve been creating magazines with Atlas for 4 and a half years. When we say it out loud, that feels like an immense amount of time, but it really doesn’t feel like it. We’ve learnt so much, we’ve grown so much, we’ve changed so much, and we’ve met so many of you. But most of all we’ve had so much fun!

As Atlas has grown, we’ve all grown with it, and along the way we’ve made changes wherever we felt they were necessary. And now, we have come to another turning point.

A year ago, we relaunched Atlas’ website and began to release daily content. The website took us months to get right, and we’re still incredibly proud of it. We loved it, and it turned out that all of you did too. Our website gets so much love from you, and we couldn’t be more thankful. As we’re always aiming to grow, we’re always having to reevaluate what’s best for Atlas, and this time, the answer has been clear to us: our website.

So in light of that, this will be the last digital magazine produced for Atlas. We’re not going anywhere, we’re just changing. We’re moving with the times, and embracing the changes that digital technology has brought to the world. We’re excited, and we hope that you will be too!

This definitely isn’t the end. It’s absolutely, 100% only the beginning.

Love, Olivia

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