About Atlas Magazine

What is Atlas Magazine?

Atlas Magazine is a submissions based fashion magazine focused on promoting the next generation of creatives. Founded by Megan Breukelman and Olivia Bossert, Atlas is a collection of beautiful images from around the globe that is constantly updating for regular fashion photography and styling inspiration. The magazine previously reached international print distribution, and currently thrives in its digital format. Atlas is a digital fashion magazine, featuring both up-and-coming and established talent in the fashion industry.

Founders of submissions based fashion magazine, Atlas Magazine.
Atlas Magazine founders Olivia Bossert (left) and Megan Breukelman (right).

Where can I read Atlas Magazine?

Atlas Magazine is available to read for free online via Issuu. We are happy to publish digitally so you can read Atlas on the go from anywhere in the world!

Who is currently working on Atlas Magazine?

Atlas is run by Megan Breukelman, who also works as a photographer and in social media. Please do not contact Megan or Olivia directly in regards to Atlas Magazine, and instead go through our established channels.

Where else can I find Atlas Magazine?

We have a strong presence on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow along to keep up with our daily fashion photography inspiration.

What is a submissions based fashion magazine?

This means Atlas Magazine accepts fashion photography contributors from around the globe based on a common theme. It allows as many people as possible to have the chance to contribute to the magazine, and every issue we are delighted to see new contributors who have new styles and fresh takes on our issue themes.

How did Atlas Magazine get started?

Atlas Magazine started in 2012 as an idea by Megan Breukelman and Olivia Bossert to fill their time while they were at university. What started as a hobby quickly expanded, with Atlas raising funding to successfully run in print in the UK, United States and Canada for two years. Atlas now thrives in its digital format, and although both Megan and Olivia have a strong appreciation for print magazines, it is likely that Atlas Magazine will remain a digital publication.

How can I contribute?

Head on over to our submissions page to get started on submitting to Atlas Magazine.