Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models

   In an industry that seemingly sets the standards of what’s beautiful and what’s not, more models are breaking through the boundaries and recreating the mould. From gender to size and skin colour to disability, meet the models who are redefining the new normal.

Winnie Harlow competed in the twenty first cycle of America’s Next Top Model and is known for having a rare, chronic skin condition called ‘vitiligo’ which she’s had since she was four years old. Since being eliminated from ANTM, Winnie has modeled for brands Desigual, Ashish and Diesel.Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models- Winnie Harlow - Atlas Magazine

Storm model, Brunette Moffy, grabbed attention in 2013 with her debut shoot on the cover of Pop magazine. Despite suffering from strabismus, otherwise known as cross eyes, Moffy was recommended to the Editor by a friend and impressed them, as well as the fashion world, with her unique beauty.
Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models- Brunette Moffy - Atlas Magazine

Jacky O’Shaughnessy has been a model for American Apparel since 2011, after she was scouted in a restaurant in New York. Describing the shoot as ‘a lot of fun’, the 62 year old’s images were posted on the brands social media platforms along with the caption “sexy has no expiration date.”
Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models - Jacky O'Shaughnessy - Atlas Magazine

Long legs and an hourglass figure. Sounds like a Victoria’s Secret model right? Rain Dove certainly has the figure but her more masculine facial features has meant that she’s been called to model both menswear and womenswear, believing that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.
Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models - Rain Dove - Atlas Magazine

Having recently been cast by Beyonce, Jillian Mercado suffers from muscular dystrophy, a typically hereditary condition which causes the muscles to progressively weaken. She’s also previously modelled for Diesel and was even named as one of their tastemakers in 2014 after being featured in their ‘We Are Connected’ campaign.
Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models - Jillian Mercado - Atlas Magazine
Zach Miko’s big break was with American brand Target, featured as the world’s first plus-size male model. Now signed to IMG Models, Miko has recently hit the headlines by saying that men want to see a normal-looking guy modelling their clothes.
Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models - Zach Miko - Atlas Magazine
After being discovered on Youtube in 2008, Shaun Ross was the first African American Albino model. Since then he’s modelled for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Vogue Italia and i-D, as well as our very own Enchantment issue of Mini Atlas.
Atlas Loves: Unconventional Models - Shaun Ross - Atlas Magazine

Do you know of any unconventional models that we might not? Let us know in the comments below.

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