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Atlas Loves: The Glam 70’s

In the 1970s, social changes, particularly feminism, influenced the fashion industry and the way women were represented. More women photographers brought fresh perspectives to publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and boundaries were pushed with subversive and overtly sexual images, testing the limits of acceptable fashion imagery. The invention of jeans ushered in an era of more practical and casual styles for both men and women and the concept of ready-to-wear began to take hold, making fashion the international industry it is today.

Guy BourdinAtlas Loves: The Glam 70's - Guy Bourdin - Atlas Magazine

Helmut NewtonAtlas Loves: The Glam 70's - Helmut Newton - Atlas Magazine

Sarah MoonAtlas Loves: The Glam 70's - Sarah Moon - Atlas Magazine

Roxanne LowitAtlas Loves: The Glam 70's - Roxanne Lowit - Atlas Magazine

Deborah TurbevilleAtlas Loves: The Glam 70's - Deborah Turbeville - Atlas Magazine

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Altas Loves: Helmut Newton - Atlas Magazine