Atlas Loves: The Bold 80’s

  Rampant consumerism was the main theme during the 1980’s. Advertising campaigns featuring the flawless beauty of supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford were shot by the fashion photographers of the time, giving the industry a broader appeal across Europe and to the savvy fashion labels. Publications aimed at both sexes emerged to counter act the perfection of the major glossy magazines and featured images keen to capture personal style and innovative street fashions known as ‘straight ups’.

Amy ArbusAtlas Loves: The Bold 80's - Amy Arbus - Atlas Magazine

Arthur ElgortAtlas Loves: The Bold 80's - Arthur Elgort - Atlas Magazine

Herb RittsAtlas Loves: The Bold 80's - Herb Ritts - Atlas Magazine

Neil KirkAtlas Loves: The Bold 80's - Neil Kirk - Atlas Magazine

Patrick DemarchelierAtlas Loves: The Bold 80's - Patrick Demarchelier - Atlas Magazine

Steven Meisel
Atlas Loves: The Bold 80's - Steven Meisel - Atlas Magazine

These are just some of our favourite photographers from the 1980’s, let us know if you have any in the comments below!

Atlas Loves: Bold 80's - Atlas Magazine

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