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Get To Know Anaïs Roger | Fashion Designer

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We love getting to know future fashion designers. When Anais sent us her work, not only were we in love with her designs, but also the imagery that accompanied them. This is a perfect example of a team working together perfectly to bring the vision behind a collection together. We wanted to get to know Anais better!

Where did you grow up?
I grow up in the suburbs of Paris France…West Paris the “countryside.” I lived in a large house surrounded by fields. I love the beauty of the deep green grass, yellow flowers and beautiful blue sky all mixed together.

Has art always been important to you?
Art has always been really important to me because it really helped me to dream. I was a good student, but not really interested by the day to day activities of High School. I loved art classes and straight after High School I knew I wanted to work as a creator.
I think it’s part of me. It’s the way I live, it’s the way I see the world and experience it. I love and live art.

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When did fashion first present itself in your life?
I started by learning how to sew. It was my grandma’s passion, which became my own. She had this workshop at her house where I used to spend my days, amazed by the amount of fabrics, wool and buttons she had. She taught me how to sew and knit. That’s how I started to make my own clothes, and it was really was love at the first sight for me!

Who is your favourite fashion designer?
JC De Castelbajac. I’m crazy about his work. I love the way his work is not only about fashion but it’s really art. But more than his work, I love his philosophy. Aimed at making everybody’s life more colorful, more powerful, more beautiful. What could be more inspiring?

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When did you first realise that you wanted to be a fashion designer?
I was in high school, I was about 15, we were this big team of friends hanging out and we would try to guess what everyone would become after high school. I remember a girl describe me as a “fashion designer.” That was a eureka moment for me. And since then I NEVER changed my mind.

What was it like to study at the Atelier Chardon Savard, in Paris?
Atelier Chardon Savard is a really great school. I spent two years there. The atmosphere is really cool, everything is based on workshops, which makes it really great learning experience. I taught myself a lot, but I learnt a lot at this school, too. My last year was dedicated to the creation of my first collection. It was a huge amount of work. But it made me experience what it was really like to be a professional.

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How does Paris inspire your work?
Paris is completely the opposite of my work; full of people but grey and expensive. I don’t really like living here. In a way, it still inspires me but only because of the people I’ve met and their way of life. And a lot of people means there’s a lot to look at. I like catching fashion details on everybody or listening to their conversation. It gives me ideas.

Would you consider living anywhere else in the world?
If I could, I’d visit every country and meet everyone. Travelling is my second passion. To actually live in, London sounds like a really welcoming place. I’ve been there a couple of times and I was always charmed!

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Can you tell us about your graduate collection. Where do you find the inspiration for your work?
I’ve had a lot of different inspirations. Every new day brings a new bundle of surprises. I love to collect little thing, even the most insignificant of things, like a piece of paper, a cutting in a magazine, buttons found in a second hand shop and so on. I use that as inspiration. I’m also really interested in fabric. I love hanging out in fabric stores, and browsing for hours to find that specific one that matches my taste.

You use words within you pieces. How do you choose the sentences and phrases you use? Why include them?
I studied graphic design for two years in the past, and I’m so attracted to typography, it’s something I love. And I also love reading, I read a lot. Since I take the metro every day, at least one hour a day, I take my book with me, scribbling down a word, underlining a sentence that inspired me. That’s how I started using words I liked on my clothes. So it’s personal feeling, but also because the words always communicate something positive to the audience.

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What’s next for your career now that you’re no longer a student?
I now really want to work for a fashion designer. I want to experience what it’s really like being a fashion designer in a firm.
I really want to have my own brand, but a bit later on, when I’ve learnt and grown more.


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Where can our readers keep up with you and your work?

You can follow me on
Facebook: @anaisroger
Instagram: @anaisrogers

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Fashion Designer : Anaïs Roger
Photographer : Fanny Dussol
Make Up Artist : Manon Barta
Models : Akouel Karabaa, Camille Gorin, Candy Ivory, Maryline Tella


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  1. Chère Anaïs,

    Je te souhaite tout de bon dans ta carrière professionnelle. Ta collection est fraîche et novatrice. Et merci pour ce témoignage sur ta grand-mère. Sophie