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4 Unique Photo Shoot Location Ideas

The perfect shoot location is an integral part of a great editorial shoot and can dramatically impact the mood or theme of a creative project concept. We’re breaking down the best ways to find the perfect shoot location for a stunning editorial, every time. Here are our unique photo shoot location ideas for photographers who are looking to make their fashion editorials stand out.


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Rent an Affordable Production Space

Production spaces and studios are great settings for editorial shoots and are often highly desirable due to the controlled environment, having the ability to manipulate lighting, backdrops, and more to your own preferences. Production space rental websites such as Peerspace allow you to find affordable, local production spaces and studios to use for any kind of shoot, and can easily help you find any dream location based on look, price, and distance.

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Outdoor locations are a common and accessible location for many editorial shoots and can be a great backdrop for many types of project concepts. From nautical beach scenes to luscious forests, fashion editorial shoots can benefit from the outdoors as a natural and beautiful setting of a shoot, usually for free! Check out your local parks, forests, beaches, and wildlife areas for free location spots to use in your next shoot.

Make Your Own Studio Space

For many photographers, at home studios or makeshift studios are the next best things to create an inexpensive shooting space. You can make your own studio at home with blank walls, either using a seamless and backdrop, securing a large bedsheet, or decorating your space with greenery and decor of your choosing. Although smaller in size, makeshift studios are great ways to efficiently and inexpensively create a new backdrop for a photoshoot.

Explore a Local Urban Setting

Urban backdrops are another common photoshoot go-to that make for beautiful settings, with rooftops, street views, skyscrapers, and other urban or grunge locations that greatly add to a photo. Head to a city near you to search for potential locations, taking note of any interesting looking streets, storefronts, available rooftops and more for your shoot. Not only will your photos have an authentic and eye-catching backdrop, but you’re likely to find a great new spot for future shoots!